Kreatif Micro Racweay

Kratif Micro Raceway for a VW buss!

Velcome to the worlds smallest racetrack for 1:87 scale VW busses! With this amazing small RC scale cars you can race on the table top! 

Ved Torstein Syvertsen
Oppdatert: (31.12.2019)

Do you want to build your own racetrack? It´s fun and easy. Just use your fantasy to create the track. You can make landscape yourselves, you can use napkins, forks and knifes after the dinner, ore you can buy 1:87 scale scale, houses and nature from Norsk Modelljernbane!

The racearea is build on a 110 cm. long and 60 cm wide worktop. The length of the racetrack is 4,4 meters. 

The small Carson VW busses is really nice to control with stepless steering and speed control. 

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